August 2010


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Mutual fund fees




I’ve heard that the SEC has proposed changes to 12b-1 fees. What are those fees for, and what are the changes?  AVERAGE INVESTOR




Mutual funds have been permitted to charge shareholders 12b-1 fees to cover the costs of marketing and advertising the fund.  Such fees, which are distinct from the fees charged for managing fund investments, may be as high as 1.00% of the fund’s value.

The SEC proposal would rename the 12b-1 fee a “marketing and service fee,” which would be easier for shareholders to understand.  Such fees would be capped at 0.25% of fund assets each year and would have to be disclosed to shareholders.


The proposal would affect sales charges for mutual funds as well.  For example, say a mutual fund sells A shares with a one-time 5.25% sales commission, or “load,” and at the same time offers C shares with a 1.00% sales load charged each year.  Under the SEC proposal, the C shares would have to stop charging the load once the total matched the 5.25% charged for the A shares.  At that point the C shares would have to be converted to a fund share class with no continuing sales charge.


The SEC proposals are now in their comment period.


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