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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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Image of client - Super Stud

Super Stud Building Products

“Moving my firm’s significant banking relationship from a large institution to Peapack-Gladstone Bank was not about a better rate and structure. Although that’s important, it’s not as paramount as trust, integrity and stability. I’ve known Doug Kennedy, the CEO, and market president, Stu Vorcheimer for over a decade, and have always been impressed with their commitment to putting their clients first. Super Stud transitioned over 30 treasury management accounts to PGB, and along with a thoughtful and quick turnaround in structuring various lending facilities, everything went seamlessly. The Bank’s hands on approach is refreshing. I look forward to continuing to work with PGB as they provide advice and solutions for my firm and my family.” 

- Ray Frobosilo, Owner

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Delta Dental of New Jersey

Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc.

“We don’t just have a banking relationship with Peapack-Gladstone Bank, we are working together to add value for our customers on both sides of the equation. We have a specific goal to support our member dentists with attractive financing options. The Bank created a unique solution and was willing to work through the meticulous details with our team until it made sense on both sides. It is incredible to work with a Bank and a private banker that devotes such a tremendous amount of time and effort to a project, all the while keeping our best interests in mind.”

– Dennis G. Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer

Image of Mark Fleischer from Physicians World

Physicians World

“Physicians World initiated its relationship with Peapack-Gladstone Bank in 2015. At that time, we had a unique problem to solve for, given that we were a subsidiary of a larger organization and had decided to go on our own. Most banks won’t consider former parent company history, but Peapack-Gladstone Bank did and provided us with the necessary financing to accomplish our goal. They worked with us to understand our circumstances, and they were able to think outside the box. We have a truly successful relationship because we are partners.”

- Mark Fleischer, Chief Executive Officer

Image of Jennifer Harper, President of the Junior League of Morristown.

Junior League of Morristown

“We like working with Peapack-Gladstone Bank because they handle all of our banking and investment needs with personal and friendly service. Our investment account point person is always readily available and is able to simplify complex investment concepts and provide the guidance and direction we need to make decisions about our portfolio. Since we are an organization of volunteers, we need a partner with a personalized touch and follow-up to assist with our banking and investment accounts. We’ve found that partner with Peapack-Gladstone Bank.”

- Jennifer Harper, President

Image of the Soulas family.

Katherine Soulas

“My husband Tim and I had the foresight to create wills and trusts in the event of either of our untimely deaths. After his tragic death on 9/11/01, choosing a firm to manage assets acquired from the Victim’s Compensation Fund and life insurance proved daunting. Having a large family at age 35, I needed to create a strategic plan, with a thoughtful team who really knew each family member, and each of our individual needs. In the summer of 2016, at the suggestion of my accountant and recommendations from friends, Peapack-Gladstone Bank became my team! My portfolio was analyzed, and we spent time discussing the individual circumstances of each family member. PGB actively listened to my hopes and dreams. Investment performance and risk tolerance are of course a large part of my continued learning in the financial arena, and PGB has performed beyond my expectations. But, more importantly, the relationships I have with each member of my PGB team, their insights regarding my adult children in their careers and lives, and laughter about the antics of each of my teens, is priceless.”

- Katherine Soulas, Devoted Mother

Image of the Atkins Companies team.

Atkins Companies

“I have worked with Randy and Vince and the real estate team at PGB for many years. Their professionalism, understanding of our business and most importantly, their commitment to a real personal relationship between a lender and client, are exactly what we look for from a bank. We have worked through various issues and needs on different projects, and they are always willing to be creative to make it work for both sides. This level of communication is lacking with many financial institutions these days. We love dealing with them.”

- Charles "Chick" Atkins, Principal

Image of John Nye, Nye and Company

Nye and Company

“Nye and Company values the attentive and personal banking relationship we’ve enjoyed with PGB for over a decade. Further, our appraisal division is always at the ready to help PGB trust officers deal with evaluating and distributing estates. We share a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.”

- John Nye, President and Kathleen Nye, Vice President and Bidding Services

Image of Robert J. Callander.

Robert J. Callander

“Peapack-Gladstone Bank is a first-class financial institution, and built into its DNA is “client obsession.” In my many years in banking, I have never seen such responsiveness and attentiveness to a family’s needs, whether it be on the quality of its investment management or down to the smallest requests. Its wealth management group, in my opinion, is unique in servicing client needs.”

- Robert J. Callander, Retired

Image of Reproductive Medicine Associates of NJ

Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey

“We were extremely impressed with the thoughtful, creative and responsive approach of Peapack-Gladstone Bank. They understand our business and are providing terrific ideas and value that will allow us to grow and prosper.”

- Dr. Richard T. Scott, Jr., Founding Partner

Image of Marcy Syms

Marcy Syms

“It is always such a pleasure to work with Peapack-Gladstone Bank. They are so responsive and incredibly supportive. My elderly mother and my sister live in Florida for much of the year, and it is invaluable to me to have a bank that can manage all of our financial affairs with care and genuine concern for our well-being.”

- Marcy Syms, President, Syms Foundation and TPD Group, LLP

Image of Novitium


“With the support of Peapack-Gladstone Bank we have been able to invest in cutting-edge research and development, manufacturing, and go-to market methods to advance affordable healthcare in communities across the United States. Our relationship is personal, and my bankers are client-focused and resolute.”

- Chad Gassert, Chief Executive Officer

Image of David Magee, Screenwriter

David Magee

“The entertainment business can be unpredictable, and my income as a screenwriter can vary greatly from year-to-year. It’s reassuring to know that the financial advisors at Peapack-Gladstone Bank have designed an investment plan for me that is flexible enough to take that unpredictability into account while investing in my family’s future.”

- David Magee, Screenwriter

Image of the Visiting Nurse Association of Somerset Hills

Visiting Nurse Association of Somerset Hills

“Peapack-Gladstone Bank has been a loyal and responsive business partner to the VNA of Somerset Hills for over 22 years. Their staff provides honest and professional guidance, as well as exceptional customer service. Importantly, we value Peapack-Gladstone Bank’s commitment to give back to the community and have often been the beneficiary of the Bank’s employee volunteer efforts. We are pleased to have Peapack-Gladstone Bank as part of our business team.”

- Dan Powell, President and Chief Executive Officer

Image of Newburg Egg.

Newburg Egg

“I was introduced to Peapack-Gladstone Bank through a colleague that I trust. We were looking for a loan that better complemented our model and a bank that had the expertise to understand our business more intimately. We also needed a quick turnaround for year-end planning and a smooth process. This bank delivered. Our relationship is relatively new, but we’ve had a great experience so far. I feel confident that I can look to Peapack-Gladstone Bank for my future needs and that they will provide the advice and solutions that make sense for me and for my business.”

- Moses Goldstein, Owner

Image of the Steamfitters Union No. 475

Steamfitters Local Union No. 475

“Steamfitters Local Union No. 475 and Peapack-Gladstone Bank have had a long relationship. Recently our private bankers approached us about bringing all our banking to them. We had several accounts with different financial institutions. Amy and Hamilton created a unique plan to consolidate our accounts which met our needs for working capital, provided a more than fair interest rate and offered millions in FDIC insurance. Maintaining all our accounts in one place has been very beneficial to our Fund Administrator. On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Steamfitters Local Union No. 475, we appreciate the commitment Amy and Hamilton have, and continue to show, to our organization. Thanks to their efforts, we have now achieved higher deposit returns on several accounts and have peace of mind being FDIC insured. We anticipate a long relationship with Peapack-Gladstone Bank because they care and are dedicated to providing their clients what they need.”

- Robert Sherlock, Trustee and Business Manager

Image of the Board of Fire Commissioners No. 4 Piscataway

Board of Fire Commissioners Fire Districts No. 4 Piscataway

“Peapack-Gladstone Bank is a great bank. I like how responsive and attentive our private bankers are. They check in with me just enough to make me feel comfortable and confident about the way my team and I handle District 4’s finances. The personal service and attention PGB provides gives all of us peace of mind so that we can concentrate on protecting our community.”

- Edward McDermott, President of the Fire Commissioners

Image of Harley Marine

Harley Marine Services

“We are a large marine operator based out of Seattle. We were looking for a leasing arrangement for two ATB barges and were having trouble finding a bank that could handle both. Peapack Capital got involved late in the process but proved to be flexible and able to handle some of the last-minute challenges. They made us feel comfortable and secure in our new relationship, and ultimately, they delivered on their commitment, allowing us to take delivery of both barges.”

- Harley Franco, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Image of Madison Gardens, LLC

Madison Gardens LLC

“We’ve been working with Peapack-Gladstone Bank since 2013 and have recently been introduced to their new escrow solution. As real estate owners, managers and developers of multiple apartment complexes that house hundreds of tenants, a robust escrow system is essential. We really like what PGB has to offer and that our bankers are willing to work with us through the setup process, which can be time consuming and cumbersome.”

- Mindy Goldman, Partner

Image of Friendwell Management

Friendwell Management USA, LLC

“We believe each customer is important and that every member of the Friendwell team contributes to the success of our company. Peapack-Gladstone Bank has a similar mindset. Our banker is professional, respectful and sincere. He always puts our needs first and is not afraid to bring additional team members to the conversation when he sees an opportunity to provide a better solution. Our relationship with PGB is a true partnership and team effort.”

- Parth Pandya, Chief Investment Officer

Image of Dobco Inc.

Dobco, Inc.

“We have a fully-comprehensive relationship with Peapack-Gladstone Bank which began in 2017. They handle virtually all our banking needs from treasury management and deposits to credit and wealth management. Our relationship is built on mutual trust and a respect for providing the right solutions along with an unparalleled experience. I appreciate the attention Peapack-Gladstone Bank provides Dobco and the value and perspective they bring to my business.”

- Daniel Mladenovic, President

Image of Alfred Sanzari Enterprises.

Alfred Sanzari Enterprises

“Not only is Peapack-Gladstone Bank one of our banks of choice, they are also a tenant at our Glenpointe complex in Teaneck. The relationship has expanded over the years as we’ve gotten to know our private bankers personally and realized how dedicated they, and the Bank, are to the success of the Alfred Sanzari Enterprises business. We are like minded in values and share a commitment to integrity and transparency, which is essential in a quality banking relationship."

- Ryan Sanzari, Chief Operating Officer

Image of Alstede Farms client testimonial

Alstede Farms

“I started banking with Peapack-Gladstone Bank when I was 18 years old driving to the Gladstone branch from Chester to conduct my transactions. I recognized very early on that P-G Bank was special, as they heavily valued my personal character when making banking and loan decisions. At three specific times in my 35-year business career, the Bank extended extraordinary efforts to work with my family and me to help our farm business become what it is today. I have never forgotten this and remain very loyal to Peapack-Gladstone Bank in appreciation for their significant contribution to our success story.”

- Kurt W. Alstede, General Manager and Owner

Image Jimmy's Cookies Client Testimonial

Jimmy's Cookies

 “As we planned for our move into the new Clifton facility, we realized that we also needed to restructure our long-term and working capital financing. We asked for proposals from four banks and carefully reviewed and compared the submissions. It was clear from the start that Peapack-Gladstone Bank was the quickest of all to respond. But what about the substance? The Bank also came out on top here and was the most flexible in accommodating our specific needs and requests. Our experience to date has been terrific, and I would recommend PGB to all like-minded entrepreneurs.”

- Howard Hirsch, Chief Executive Officer

Image Versa Products Co., Inc. Client Testimonial

Versa Products Co., Inc.

Named One of New Jersey's Top 15 Manufacturing Companies by NJBiz in 2016

“The values exemplified by the team at Peapack-Gladstone Bank and their level of attention to clients convinced us it was time to make them our financial partner. Both PGB and Versa value integrity, honesty, and personal relationships as the cornerstones of a long-term professional partnership. Our transition to doing business with PGB was seamless and simple. We know we have a partner we can rely on during all of the cycles of our business.”

- Jan Larsson, President and Chief Executive Officer

Image Somerset County YMCA Client Testimonial

Somerset County YMCA

“As a charitable organization, the Y’s cause is to strengthen the community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. At the Y, we are committed to nurturing the potential of kids, improving health and well-being, and fostering a sense of social responsibility throughout Somerset County. Lasting personal and social change can only come about when we all work together to invest in our kids, our health, and our neighbors. Peapack-Gladstone Bank has helped us to be excellent stewards of the funds entrusted to us that help advance our mission, transform lives, and propel our community forward.”

- David M. Carcieri, President and CEO

Image of Alan Hammer Client Testimonial

Alan Hammer

“I work with Peapack-Gladstone Bank on a personal basis to handle portions of my real estate investment portfolio. I deal with other banks out of necessity too, but PGB provides old-fashioned service in a modern context that makes them one of my favorites. They are my “go to” bank when it comes to commercial borrowing. My firm does legal work with PGB as well, so I truly have a comprehensive relationship with a bank that I value.”

- Alan Hammer, Esq.

Image of Governor Christie Todd Whitman client testimonial

Governor Christie Todd-Whitman

“My family and I have been banking with Peapack-Gladstone Bank for more than a decade. Throughout the years they have offered great service and sound advice, with a discerning and sensitive eye. Walking into a branch is like visiting a trusted old friend.”

Christie Todd-Whitman, Former Governor of New Jersey

Image of Asdal Holdings, LLC Client Testimonial

Asdal Holdings, LLC

“Asdal Holdings, LLC, and affiliated companies have worked with Peapack-Gladstone Bank for several decades. The Bank’s personality is perfectly suited to our hometown business. Staff has been professional and caring in every transaction. The attention to detail is exactly what we look for in a banking relationship. Hometown bank + local business = PERFECT TOGETHER!”

- Bill Asdal, President

Image of Flywheel Sports Client Testimonial

Flywheel Sports

“When we were contemplating acceleration in the pace of studio openings across the United States, we were looking for a partner that understood our business, appreciated our strong record of successful studio openings and could structure a creative financing arrangement to support the performance dynamics of new studio openings. Peapack-Gladstone Bank had the experience to understand our opportunity and structured a customized solution with a revolving credit facility predicated on a multiple of our trailing Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA), before new studio opening costs. This innovative solution provided the capital necessary to maximize our growth and allowed us to reinvest our cash flow back into the business.”

- Craig Anderson, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Image Gotham Seafood Client Testimonial

Gotham Seafood

“We have been in business for almost 30 years and have some pretty complex financing needs. We were introduced to Peapack-Gladstone Bank in 2016 and were extremely impressed with how responsive they were from the start. We have successfully managed through industry changes and economic cycles over the years, but have experienced some challenging banking relationships. Now, we are working with a team at Peapack-Gladstone Bank that understands what we want to do, and is committed to finding comprehensive solutions.”

- John McGuire, Chief Executive Officer

Image Ingerman Client Testimonial


“Ingerman initiated its relationship with Peapack-Gladstone Bank in 2013, when it was seeking a permanent lender for its new company headquarters and luxury apartment complex in Collingswood, New Jersey. While at first we were skeptical about the abilities of the Bank to compete against much larger institutions, they quickly demonstrated to us how competitive they could be on terms and rates. Equally important was their ability to make decisions quickly and be sensitive to our timing needs. Shortly after the above loan closed, we closed our second transaction with them. We look forward to working with Peapack-Gladstone Bank in 2017.”

- M. Brad Ingerman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Far Hills Race Meeting Association Sponsorship Image

Far Hills Race Meeting Association

"My family has had a relationship with Peapack-Gladstone Bank since 1968, through multiple generations. So when the Bank decided to become one of the lead sponsors of the Races, I was thrilled. I am familiar with how they operate and the dedication they have to their clients. Peapack-Gladstone Bank has always been committed to helping my family and my business succeed, and they have now become an integral part of the success of the Far Hills Race Meeting, providing us the support we need to prepare for such a large undertaking every year."

- Guy Torsilieri, Chairman

Image Chuck Hastings, Juniper Communities Client Testimonial

Juniper Communities

“We chose to work with Peapack-Gladstone Bank because we have known and trusted Tom Hanrahan, our private banker, for a long time. He offered us a bank with a nice combination of being big enough to handle a large commercial loan, but also has the high-touch client service we just were not getting elsewhere. As a New Jersey based bank that knows the long-term health care space, they understand our product and the local market.”

- Chuck Hastings, Vice President of Finance and Business Development

Image of Anthony Riccio, Cava Winery, Client Testimonial

Cava Winery & Vineyard

“I have been a personal and business client of Peapack-Gladstone Bank for many years. The team who supports me is there every step of the way with answers to various banking questions and needs. My business requires international and domestic support, and the practices of the PGB team have always resulted in my business meeting its financial objectives. The team at the Chester branch has played a very important part of my personal and business growth and physical expansion. When I needed banking flexibility, resolution to complex situations, or capital to purchase my building, the PGB team was there. I am so glad that I have immediate access when needed.”

— Anthony Riccio, President and Chief Executive Officer

Image Kaplan Development Group Client Testimonial

Kaplan Development Group

“We have been working with Peapack-Gladstone Bank for the past year and are very happy with the level of service and attention to detail we consistently receive. We are based in Long Island but build and operate assisted-living facilities all along the East Coast. It has been great to work with a Bank that understands the complexity of our financial needs and is flexible to our geography.”

- Glenn Kaplan, Kaplan Development Group

Image Matheny Client Testimonial


“Our partnership with Peapack-Gladstone Bank began many years ago with a fiscal relationship and a community affiliation as the Bank has been a long supporter of our annual Miles for Matheny event. The PGB team always works to ensure we have the right financial solutions in place so we can handle the day-to-day delicate needs of our students and patients efficiently and effectively. We love how involved the Bank and its employees are in the community and our facility – volunteering at the hospital at various times throughout the year, and as the cycling sponsor for Miles for Matheny, providing rest stops to hundreds of participants. PGB really makes us feel like a priority.” 

- Kathleen F. Powers, CPA, CGMA, Vice President of Finance

Image Iilse Zimmerman, Partnership for Maternal and Child Health of Northern NJ Client Testimonial

Partnership for Maternal and Child Health of Northern NJ

“Our relationship with Peapack-Gladstone Bank is relatively new, but we believe we have found a strong partner. Not only has the PGB team addressed our cash safety and liquidity needs, but they have presented creative ideas to help us meet our financial priorities. Early on, they expressed a commitment to our mission of improving the health of women and children. They have supported our health education programs and offered financial literacy seminars to our employees. I look forward to broadening our association with them.”

- Ilise Zimmerman, Executive Director

Image Princeton Separations, Inc. Client Testimonial

Princeton Separations, Inc.

“We became a client of Peapack-Gladstone Bank in 2016 with a Small Business Administration real estate loan. As a new customer, I was impressed with their professional business etiquette. They have been great partners, and we are very happy about our decision.” 

- Paul Nix, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer

Image Bob Pudlak The Seeing Eye Client Testimonial

The Seeing Eye

“Over the past two years, we have been investing with Peapack-Gladstone Bank for our short-term liquidity needs. PGB offered us the insured liquidity sweep solution to earn an above-market rate of interest as well as the safety of extra FDIC Insurance. Each member of the Bank’s team has consistently delivered a high- level client experience. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Peapack-Gladstone Bank as a partner, and anticipate that when additional banking needs arise, we will not hesitate to contact them.”

– Bob Pudlak, CFO and Director of Administration and Finance

Image Strato, Inc. Client Testimonial

Strato, Inc.

Named One of New Jersey's Top 15 Manufacturing Companies by NJBiz in 2016

“We were looking for a bank that has maintained a consistent presence in New Jersey; along with the resources and expertise to support and understand the needs and challenges faced in growing a family-owned business. Peapack Gladstone Bank fit that description. Strategically, we feel that our partnership with the Bank gives us a key ally as our business continues to evolve. While we are in the early days of our relationship with them, they have thus far lived up to our high expectations.”

- Michael J. Foxx, President and CEO

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