Peapack-Gladstone Bank Client Testimonial Image - Bloomfield College

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

We think all banking should be private banking. Apparently, so do our clients:


Peapack-Gladstone Bank Client Testimonial Image - Bloomfield College

Bloomfield College

“When it comes to handling the finances for Bloomfield College, I look for safety, liquidity and a high yield. Peapack-Gladstone Bank’s Insured Liquidity Sweep product hit all my pain points. I’m so pleased with the solution the Bank offered and their comprehensive approach to creating the right financial strategy for us, that we’re now discussing custody accounts to handle our donor needs as well as treasury management solutions that will help mechanize our back office.”

– Howard Buxbaum, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Bloomfield College

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Delta Dental of New Jersey

Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc.

“We don’t just have a banking relationship with Peapack-Gladstone Bank, we are working together to add value for our customers on both sides of the equation. We have a specific goal to support our member dentists with attractive financing options. The Bank created a unique solution and was willing to work through the meticulous details with our team until it made sense on both sides. It is incredible to work with a Bank and a private banker that devotes such a tremendous amount of time and effort to a project, all the while keeping our best interests in mind.”

– Dennis G. Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc.

PGB Client Testimonial, Industrial Color Brands

Industrial Color Brands

“Our core business is growing rapidly and we are simultaneously investing in globaledit, a unique cloud-based photo and video workflow platform, along with Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles and Fast Ashleys Studios in New York. We are building our talent pool so we can continue delivering premier services to our clients who are among the most prominent names in fashion, cosmetics and retail. Understanding our diverse business segments and providing cash flow financing with terms that allowed us to continue to maximize growth took tremendous creativity. Peapack-Gladstone Bank demonstrated the ability to understand our needs, the flexibility to structure terms that aligned with our goals and had the cash-flow lending expertise to deliver what they promised. They were the obvious choice.”

– Steve Kalalian, CEO, Industrial Color Productions, Industrial Color Software, Impact Digital, Smashbox Studios & Fast Ashleys Studios

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Springpoint Senior Living

Springpoint Senior Living

“I have worked with my private banker, Charles, for many years. I actually followed him to Peapack-Gladstone Bank from another institution. He’s that good. The expertise he provides related to our complex financing needs is invaluable. With Peapack-Gladstone Bank, he was able to assemble a team that delivered well thought-out and valuable solutions so we could refinance a large property with very few complications. ”

– Garrett T. Midgett III, Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, Springpoint Senior Living

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Somerset Air Service

Somerset Air Service

“When our family decided to refinance, we were looking for a bank with competitive rates that would be able to meet the needs of our growing business. Not only was Peapack-Gladstone Bank aggressive in providing the best rates, but after we joined the PGB family, we realized a level of personal and professional service we had not seen from other banks.”

– Steven E. Parker, Chief Executive Officer, Somerset Air Service

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Princeton Charter School

“Working with Peapack-Gladstone Bank and its officers on the refinancing of the school’s debt was a dream. Right from the start, the Bank worked to help the school craft and arrive at an outcome that has helped cement the school’s financial foundation for decades to come. The subsequent move of the school’s operational bank accounts was problem-free. The Bank staff is pleasant, knowledgeable, and always ready to help. At the Princeton Charter School, we’re glad to have such a positive banking relationship.”

– Robert Long, Interim School Business Administrator, Princeton Charter School

PGB Client Testimonial Image, CompoSecure


“In 2015 CompoSecure decided to take on an additional investor. Peapack-Gladstone Bank recognized the opportunity and not only took a substantial position in the transaction, but also turned around their decision to participate in four days. We are very impressed with the quality of personnel and their responsiveness to our growing enterprise. Peapack-Gladstone Bank’s client-focused approach was apparent from the start.”

– Michele Logan, Chief Executive Officer, CompoSecure

PGB Client Testimonial Image, The Briad Group

The Briad Group

“We have a deposit and lending relationship with Peapack-Gladstone Bank and could not be happier. Our “bricks and mortar” business consumes a large amount of capital so we need to work with a lot of banks. If we had the choice though, we’d only work with Peapack. The team is incredibly responsive – they closed on our large lending project within five weeks from our initial discussions. If Peapack-Gladstone Bank can do that, why can’t the other banks?”

– The Briad Group

PGB Client testimonial Image, SSN Hotels

SSN Hotels

“We were looking to refinance one of our larger properties in Newark, NJ. I prefer to work with institutions that have ties to the community and provide fast but personal service. I found Peapack-Gladstone Bank to be extremely responsive, and I liked the way they did business – they put my needs first – unlike some of the larger banks I’ve worked with. We were so pleased with how the commercial refinancing went; my wife and I have opened personal accounts with Peapack-Gladstone Bank too.”

– Peter Bhai, Chief Executive Officer and Pinky Bhai, President, SSN Hotels

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Sid Rowell

Sid Rowell

“I have been a Peapack-Gladstone Bank client both personally and professionally for many years now. As the Headmaster of Gill St. Bernard’s School, it is my responsibility to ensure that the school is on financially sound footing at all times. Since Peapack-Gladstone Bank is a local bank that has served our area quite well for over a century, it only makes sense for us to partner with them for some of our financial needs. The Bank and its employees value responsibility and trust; they have a strong sense of commitment to their clients. Peapack Gladstone Bank is a great match for me and the school I am so passionate about.” 

– Sid Rowell, Headmaster Gill St. Bernard’s School

PGB Client Testimonial Image, New Jersey Audubon Society

New Jersey Audubon Society

“New Jersey Audubon has been a Peapack-Gladstone Bank client for many years. They are our bank because, like us, they are a part of our neighborhoods; we are both committed to the well-being of our communities and to the State of New Jersey.”

– Sudha Iyer, VP Finance & Administration, New Jersey Audubon Society

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Arthur Sockolof, Simms Jewelers

Arthur Sockolof

“I learned young that a banking relationship should be part of a person’s life. In order for it to exist however, trust, candor and respect have got to be mutually present. Years ago, a senior leader at the Bank gave me a wake-up call about value pressure and market conditions, and from that point on I tried to figure out short and long-term options to better my financial situation. Over the years, the Bank has come up with solutions that have eased the pressures and laid a foundation for my family’s future. I could not be more pleased with the way in which we have been treated. Peapack-Gladstone Bank and its employees have reinforced my “relationship” theory. I am very pleased that the people of Peapack-Gladstone Bank are a part of our lives.”

– Arthur Sockolof, Owner, Simms Jewelers

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Bruce and Heather Medd

“We were looking to work with an organization that looked at our personal finances with a broader perspective than our previous investment company. From insurance to tax strategies, we needed a single point person to help us navigate through all the decisions that can have a significant impact on our family’s financial well-being. Peapack-Gladstone Bank has done just that. They have been proactive in offering solutions that are well thought out and align with our personal goals. We have been so pleased with their efforts relating to our personal needs that we’re now also working with them for our business needs, and they’ve proven equally effective at providing us quality advice and services needed by our growing healthcare advertising company.”

– Heather and Bruce Medd, Personal Wealth Management Clients since 2014 and RevHealth, Business Client since 2015

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Daytop Village of New Jersey, Inc.

Daytop Village of New Jersey, Inc.

“Peapack-Gladstone Bank stepped in when we needed it to be there. Our prior bank had been unresponsive to our unique needs, but our experience with Peapack-Gladstone Bank has been just the opposite. Our banker has proactively taken the time needed to understand our business. He has added value in terms of credit structure and our overall banking relationship. Each member of the Peapack-Gladstone Bank team has been a pleasure to work with and has delivered a positive experience to Daytop New Jersey. They care about our goals and champion our cause as an organization. We are happy with our decision to put our trust in Peapack-Gladstone Bank.”

– Laura Taverna, Vice President and CFO, Daytop Village of New Jersey, Inc.

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Cancer Support Community Central New Jersey

Cancer Support Community Central New Jersey

“For more than a decade, Cancer Support Community Central New Jersey has been providing support, education and hope to all individuals affected by cancer. We are a community based not-for-profit serving Somerset, Morris, Mercer, Middlesex, Union and Hunterdon Counties. When we were looking for a bank, we were looking for a partner that understands the unique challenges that not-for-profit organizations face as they deliver their mission in the community. That’s why we chose Peapack-Gladstone Bank. Beyond handling our day-to-day banking needs, they have been a partner in helping us to raise both community awareness as well as encouraging employees to volunteer their time with our organization to help make a difference.”

– Amy Sutton, Executive Director, Cancer Support Community Central New Jersey

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Black River Verterinary Hospital

Black River Veterinary Hospital

“It has been a great experience working with Peapack-Gladstone Bank and my private banker, Jim. We have been with PGB since my original practice purchase, and they have been an important part of our growth and expansion. They provided the necessary capital, along with the flexibility required, to transform my practice, which was physically out of space, into a completely modern facility that includes four examination rooms, two surgery suites and a dental suite. I am so glad that I can work with a local bank that understands what I need.”

– Dr. Doug Tack, Owner, Black River Veterinary Hospital

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Hostelling International USA

Hostelling International USA

“We selected Peapack-Gladstone Bank through a competitive process for the refinancing of existing debt on our New York City hostel and to expand the hostel’s guest capacity. We met representatives from the Bank when we toured them through the hostel to explain our vision for repurposing space into new dorm bed capacity, adding 66 new beds, several new bath/shower rooms and a new stairway. We were impressed with the Bank’s straightforward approach, and while they didn’t come across as traditional bankers, we recognized their financial competence. We were also impressed with their interest in the architectural value of our landmark building, its history, the operation of our New York location and our nonprofit mission goals. Maybe as importantly, we liked the Bank’s representatives. They proved to be incredibly supportive and flexible as we moved through the financing process, which included a complex interest rate swap through another institution. Since the completion of the financing, the Bank has done a great job at nurturing the relationship – as we’ve come to know them better, they have been as interested in us as individuals as they are in our institution. I’m fairly certain this is Peapack-Gladstone Bank’s first hostel financing, but hopefully there are more in the Bank’s future!”

– Greg Coble, Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration, Hostelling International USA

PGB Client Testimonial Image, United States Equestrian Team Foundation

United States Equestrian Team Foundation

“We’ve been banking with Peapack-Gladstone Bank for decades because they have all of the products we need, and more importantly, they provide us with client service beyond anything we’ve experienced elsewhere. They handle our everyday banking as well as our more complex needs when our athletes and horses compete internationally around the world in World Championships and Olympic Games. We’re solicited by other banks all the time, but we won’t leave because of the close personal relationship and the amazing client service we get from PGB.”

– Mark Piwowar, Chief Financial Officer at the United States Equestrian Team Foundation

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Century Bathworks, Inc.

Century Bathworks, Inc.

“We have enjoyed a very positive experience and relationship with Peapack-Gladstone Bank. After our initial conversation, in which I described my needs and objectives, the Bank came back with a well thought-out and unique credit structure that addressed them. They worked together as a cohesive team across business segments from commercial and residential lending to treasury management and proposed a flexible solution for my business and personal interests. The Bank continues to add value.”

– Michael MacMillan, President, Century Bathworks, Inc.

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Glenn W. Laub, MD

Glenn W. Laub, M.D.

“As a cardiac surgeon I have seen medical problems that I knew I could help solve from skills I’ve developed as an engineer. This led me to start a medical device company which then led me to develop life-saving medical devices that are used today to treat victims of cardiac arrest. Over the past two decades, my banker provided me with deposit and credit services that helped me grow my business. So when my last business sold in 2012, I wanted counsel from someone I trusted – similar to what my patients looked for from me. My primary interest was to preserve the money from the sale to ensure long term financial stability for my family. As I take enough risk in my entrepreneurial endeavors, I wanted my investment portfolio in a low risk environment. My banker understood completely and came up with solutions that not only made me feel confident but comfortable.”

– Glenn W. Laub, M.D., Chairman and Professor, of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Clinical Service Chief, of Drexel University College of Medicine and Hahnemann University Hospital, respectively.

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Third Street Studios

Third Street Studios

“We connected with the Teaneck Private Banking office of Peapack-Gladstone Bank when we needed to determine how to finance our rehearsal space in New York’s East Village. Third Street Studios accommodates our large scale production—drums, instruments, gadgets and all kinds of huge props we need to create our performances. Our situation is clearly unique, and PGB was able to provide financing options that no other bank would. We like working with a bank that is as creative as we are.”

—Chris Wink and Phil Stanton, Blue Man Group Co-Founders

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Vincenzo Clemente

Vincenzo Clemente

“I began banking with Peapack-Gladsone Bank for my company’s commercial banking needs because they were local, hands-on and great to work with. Recently, my family and I had an opportunity to work with PGB to purchase an investment property, where they looked for unique and creative ways to make the financing work for my specific situation. Ultimately, we passed on that opportunity, but ended up working with the Bank on the purchase of my current residence, right in Peapack-Gladstone. Now my family and I are discussing personal investment strategies with the team. I’ve been really fortunate to have developed a relationship with a bank that understands my needs and pushes the boundaries to making things happen.”

— Vincenzo Clemente, President and CEO, Cross River Fiber

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Paragon Solutions

Daniel J. O’ Connor

“As a mid-market sized entrepreneurial company, we have found Peapack-Gladstone Bank to be uniquely positioned to address both our business and personal financial needs. They provide the banking, lending and cash management capabilities that enable us to build our business, secure our pipeline and foster future growth. They also have the wealth management advisory capabilities supportive of a private equity company like Paragon.”

— Daniel J. O’Connor, President and CEO, Paragon Solutions

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Leonard S. Coleman

Leonard S. Coleman

“With Peapack-Gladstone Bank, I got the type of individual attention that I wanted. I saw it the first time I purchased a home with their assistance. Then again when I re-financed, and a third time when I bought a new place in Florida. Peapack-Gladstone Bank came through with flying colors. In my book, they’ve not only hit a homerun, they’ve hit a grand slam. I’d continue to use them without any hesitation.”

– Leonard S. Coleman, Jr., Former President National League Baseball and Three-Time PGB Mortgage Client

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Chris Preziosi

Chris Preziosi

“It seems strange to think of your bank as providing a luxury experience, but that is exactly what Peapack-Gladstone Bank does. My private banking team takes the time to understand my specific goals. They help me envision the future that I want, not only for my company, but for my family. Then, then help me prepare for it. They are accessible and are willing to go beyond the normal course of business to take care of my needs. I’m in the luxury experience business, so building a long-standing relationship with Peapack-Gladstone Bank was the obvious choice. Driving an Audi isn’t just driving a car, it’s a luxury experience. Banking with Peapack-Gladstone Bank is all about the experience.” 

– Chris Preziosi, Owner Audi of Bridgewater and Mendham

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Schumann Hanlon, LLC

Eugene R. Boffa

“At Schumann Hanlon, we are in the business of law. We view ourselves as business people with law degrees, providing quality legal services at reasonable rates. In order to better serve our clients in New Jersey and New York, we have divided the legal disciplines into practice groups. This allows us to draw upon the cumulative knowledge and expertise of lawyers experienced in a number of seemingly diverse areas of the law. Our practice groups are: Transactional, Real Estate, Litigation and Trusts and Estates.

We referred one of our clients, a real estate developer, to Peapack-Gladstone Bank’s commercial mortgage division. They really came through for our client. Their expert commercial loan officers rolled up their sleeves and jumped in to create bridge and permanent financing with great rates and, most importantly, very quickly. The Bank’s great work made us look good. It is a pleasure to work with real professionals.

Since 1850, by exercising good judgment and counseling combined with wise advice, we have earned our clients’ trust, something we never want to lose. And for 164 years, each and every day, we continue to earn that trust, which is so basic in our profession. That is why we feel comfortable recommending Peapack-Gladstone Bank to our clients. We know that P-G Bank will work with our clients to help fulfill their needs. Since 1921 Peapack-Gladstone Bank, like us, has earned their clients’ trust, and they have certainly earned ours.” 

– Eugene R. Boffa, Jr., Esq., Schumann Hanlon, LLC

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Kate Tiedemann

Kate Tiedemann

When Kate Tiedemann sold the successful business she’d built in New Jersey and moved to Florida, she took her PGB Private Banking relationship along with her. “Personal relationships,” she says, “have always been primary in my mind because that’s the way I built my business. You want to be with somebody you trust.”

– Kate Tiedemann, CEO, Philanthropist and PGB Private Banking Client

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Ronald McDonald House Charities New York Tri-State Area

Christopher Perry

“Ronald McDonald House Charities New York Tri-State Area began working with Peapack-Gladstone Bank in 2014, when we were searching for a financial partner who could provide us with treasury management services that spoke to our unique needs. Peapack-Gladstone Bank has become a trusted partner who continuously provides us with dedicated care, which allows us to concentrate on our work of supporting the children, families and communities that need us most.”

— Christopher Perry, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House Charities New York Tri-State Area

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Mary Gay Abbott-Young

Mary Gay Abbott-Young

“In 2014, the Rescue Mission of Trenton transferred management of its investment account to the Princeton Private Banking office of Peapack-Gladstone Bank. We were attracted by the team of community-spirited leadership who serve on the boards of many organizations, including Delia Bass-Dandridge, our board president of more than three years. Peapack-Gladstone Bank is well-known in the non-profit community. Working with Delia and the Bank provides us with the additional confidence of a quality investment advisor who understands and reflects our core values.”

— Mary Gay Abbott-Young, Chief Executive Officer, Rescue Mission of Trenton

PGB Client Testimonial Image, The Shimon and Sara Birnbaum Jewish Community Center

Debbie Golden

“The Shimon and Sara Birnbaum Jewish Community Center has been banking with Peapack-Gladstone Bank for many years. We value the strong partnership that we have formed and are proud to call the PGB team part of our JCC family. We feel confident that the Bank has the JCC’s best interests at the heart of the financial advice, guidance and solutions they provide us as our private bank.”

— Debbie Golden, Special Projects Director and Marketing Director, The Shimon and Sara Birnbaum Jewish Community Center

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Harold Imperatore

Harold J. Imperatore

“Peapack-Gladstone Bank is a sophisticated organization that provides an exceptional client experience. That is exactly what we strive for at all of our properties; allowing our clients to experience excellence everytime. Building a relationship with a private bank whose story aligns so closely with ours was the logical choice.”

— Harold J. Imperatore, Principal, Hampshire Destination Properties

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Four Springs Capital Trust

John E. Warch

“We were introduced to the Princeton team at Peapack-Gladstone Bank in early 2014 to discuss additional bank financing. The group from the Bank’s Princeton office were very attentive to our corporate financing requirements. In addition to meeting an extremely expedited turnaround requirement, they have demonstrated a continuing commitment to meeting our strategic banking needs.”

— John E. Warch, Chief Financial Officer, Four Springs Capital Trust

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Construction Risk Partners

Al Marquis

“Construction Risk Partners values our relationship with Peapack Gladstone Bank. We consider our private banking team our strategic partners, not just our bankers. The Bank possesses great leadership whose core values align perfectly with our company’s values. As a former Director of two other banks, I understand the challenges facing the banking industry. Peapack Gladstone Bank provides sound asset management, investment and lending capabilities in the face of those challenges, without skipping a beat! Peapack Gladstone Bank is fully engaged…full service, full time.”

— Al Marquis, Partner, Construction Risk Partners

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Elvis Duran

Elvis Duran

“I’ve been banking with Peapack-Gladstone Bank for what seems like forever and have a great relationship with my private bankers, Tracey and Gary. They completely understand that my public personality is not the same as my private one and that I have real financial needs, just like everyone else. They’ve been able to accommodate my work life in New York and my home life outside of the city with discretion and clear expertise.”

— Elvis Duran, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Z100

Photo Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Mount Salem Vineyards

Peter Leitner

“We decided to bank with Peapack-Gladstone for two reasons: cultural fit and financial sophistication. While first exploring a relationship with PGB, it became clear that we shared common values; to us that matters. And, it turns out that focusing on a discerning clientele that appreciates the finer points of a premium experience applies to private banking as much as it does to world-class winegrowing. PGB understands that we aren’t aiming to be the biggest winery, just the best. They also know what private banking really is, as they’ve been doing it for almost 100 years. It isn’t just a department in a big bank, it’s a way of doing business.”

— Peter Leitner, Founder & Winemaker, Mount Salem Vineyards

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Steve Babinsky

“I’ve been a loyal Peapack-Gladstone Bank client for over 30 years and have dealt with many of the same Bank employees since the 1980s. Employee longevity and accessibility builds loyalty, trust and growth. I’m most impressed with the Bank’s proactive approach to better understand my business—Bank officials have even toured my shop to acquaint themselves with what I do. When my business began to grow and I needed a new location, Jim Stadtmueller streamlined the mortgage and business equity process. Doing that myself would have been overwhelming and negatively impacted my business.

 Several years ago my wife and I had the opportunity to buy a run-down 18th century farm in Warren County. Because of our close relationship with the Bank, we were able to secure a mortgage when other banks would have turned us away, and today that farm is completely restored.”

— Steve Babinsky, Owner, Automotive Restorations

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Wayde Sheffer

Wayde Scheffer

“At Access Property Management, we embrace the philosophy that each board and every community has its own personality and specific needs. We understand that excellent service encompasses recognizing, understanding and responding to each community’s unique needs. I see that same level of commitment from Peapack-Gladstone Bank and my team of Private Bankers. Their commitment to excellence and finding the right solutions—designed specifically for me—is far more than what I have experienced with other financial service providers. I consider them a business partner, not just my bank.”

– Wayde Scheffer, CEO, Access Property Management

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Neil Beighley and Wayne Canastra

Neil Beighley and Wayne Canastra

“We have been clients of Peapack-Gladstone Bank for many years. The relationship we have with members of the PGB Commercial Lending team is built on a longstanding commitment and a partnership of trust. Managing multiple properties is extremely challenging, especially when you are in ongoing states of upgrades and improvements. PGB provides us with solutions that help us maintain day-to-day operations and continue with necessary improvements across all properties, all while we expand our business and plan for the next generation.”

– Neil Beighley and Wayne Canastra, Affiliated Management, Inc.

PGB Client Testimonial Image, Howard Gogel

Howard Gogel

“I’m a relatively new client of Peapack-Gladstone Bank Private Banking, but I’ve had a relationship with members of the leadership team for years. I’m loyal to a fault, so it made sense for me to move my business to a Bank where I know I’ll be comfortable. Part of that comfort level is built on their commitment to providing me with sound advice and creative financial solutions that are helping me to not only maintain, but grow my business. The other part is recognizing my loyalty is returned.” 

– Howard Gogel, President & COO, Gogel Enterprises

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"All Banking Should Be Private Banking."