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SEC Registered Investment Adviser
A Subsidiary of Peapack-Gladstone Bank

At Murphy Capital Management, we understand that earning and keeping our clients’ business relies on far more than sophisticated analytics and deep knowledge. It’s also about earning their trust by taking the time to understand objectives and expectations and delivering with the highest level of personal service and attention. Everyone at Murphy Capital Management takes great pride in building long and fruitful client relationships for generations to come.

Firm Profile

Three decades of assisting investors. Murphy Capital Management was founded in 1983 in Ridgewood, New Jersey with the vision of providing a highly personalized and focused approach to money management for individuals.

To this day the firm has consistently adhered to a sophisticated and objective approach in creating wealth and providing the asset allocation and risk evaluation for clients who seek a personal and long-term financial relationship.

Over the years we have never lost sight of the values and priorities that have allowed us to grow the firm during this thirty-year period. Most of our personnel have been associated with the firm for many years, which we think provides them with continuity, stability and a working knowledge of their accounts.

It is particularly pleasing to serve a third generation of many initial Murphy Capital Management clients. This legacy is very important to us since the referral of our services to their family and friends is, in many ways, the most gratifying element of our business. Murphy Capital Management places a client’s objectives and welfare above all else, with integrity and objectivity at the foundation of each relationship.

Our Approach

A truly personalized approach to wealth management. Past experience through a multitude of market climates has allowed us to better recognize the benefits of portfolio diversification and asset allocation.

While our dedication to building successful, long-lasting relationships is not designed to make us the largest investment firm, we believe it makes us one of the best. 

Establish your investment goals one-on-one with Murphy Capital Management to determine:

  • Your risk assumptions
  • Your time horizon
  • Your tax considerations

Allow us to evaluate whether we believe your goals are realistic and properly aligned with your investment risk profile, as well as with the current stock market environment. 

Experienced Wealth Management

Murphy Capital Management provides objective and independent portfolio management and advice to individuals, businesses and foundations. To ensure the highest level of integrity possible:

  • We do not maintain physical possession of client assets. Assets reside in the custody of an independent brokerage house or other financial institution.
  • We manage each client’s portfolio separately.
  • We are accessible and highly responsive to our clients.
  • We work solely on our clients’ behalf. We are not tied to any product provider or brokerage firm and do not receive any transaction-based commissions. This results in an objective approach to the management of your portfolio.
  • We are a fee-only registered investment management firm. Our fees are based on the value of your portfolio.

Transparency and Liquidity

Our portfolio managers take a proactive approach to evaluating a client’s investment objectives with the intention to be able to manage their financial assets in a stable, accessible and responsible manner. As part of our commitment to the transparency and liquidity of each client’s portfolio:

  • Assets are held via segregated accounts directly in the name of the client with an unaffiliated custodian
  • Murphy Capital Management has discretion to initiate trades in the account
  • Clients receive trade confirmations, statements and direct web access where available, directly from third party custodians

Top-down Investment Process

Murphy Capital Management employs a top-down approach that enables each client to select from a range of strategic options suited to their personal goals and wealth management needs. This portfolio customization process is designed to:

  • Generate and monitor a deep pool of investment ideas through research, screens, watch lists and networks
  • Analyze industry and business trends
  • Invest based on return potential versus perceived risk

Portfolio Construction

In customizing their portfolio, each Murphy Capital Management client has the ability to select from a wide range of strategic options suited to their personal goals and wealth management needs. As part of this portfolio construction process:

  • A laddered approach to risk is taken with portfolios diversified through investments with a range of risk reward levels
  • Investments are made based on risk/reward potential and are not limited by capitalization measures or index inclusion
  • Positions are not comparatively weighted against a benchmark or index
  • Portfolio diversification addresses both market and sector risk while not diluting long-term potential

Our Process

Depending upon a particular client’s needs and situation, Murphy Capital Management remains prepared to thoughtfully design a portfolio that is customized to satisfy your objectives, risk tolerance and return expectations.

Your Economic Analysis Presentation

Markets rise and fall. Tax laws are revised. And your financial realities and circumstances may change as well. During intake meetings and periodic reviews, your Murphy Capital Management wealth manager will provide current analysis and future direction of domestic and international economies as well as political landscapes. Sometimes, years of economic history allows for a better perspective in separating meaningful market trends from today’s thunderous market noise.

Your Tailored Portfolio Strategy and Asset Allocation Proposal

Murphy Capital Management looks at your total financial picture – cash, equities, fixed income and hard assets – to recommend a customized portfolio strategy including asset class selection and asset allocation based upon industry groups and market sectors.

Construction of Your Portfolio

Once your strategy is agreed upon and in place, the balance of equity, fixed income, and money market assets is purchased and monitored. Utilizing standard and proprietary industry diagnostic tools and best practices, we construct and shift portfolio weighting in stocks, bonds, money market accounts, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and options, in accordance with your objectives, risk/reward expectations and time horizon.

Ongoing Management and Review of Your Portfolio

Whether your account is valued at $300,000 or $30,000,000, you will receive the level of attention and service you expect from your Murphy Capital Management wealth manager. Your portfolio will be “actively” managed, monitored and fine-tuned as required in accordance with your specific objectives. If necessary, we are available to work with your attorney, tax adviser and financial planner to ensure that your goals are well integrated.

Wealth Strategies

Because wealth means different things to different individuals. Murphy Capital helps investors realize their wealth management objectives through a variety of investment strategies.

Capital Appreciation Growth with No Need for Income Strategy:

The goal is to achieve future capital appreciation, and the strategy seeks to achieve long term competitive rates of return utilizing some or all of the following: equities, equity and fixed income ETFs, MLPs, bonds, closed-end funds, cash and other instruments, with the primary emphasis on equities and/or equity ETFs. The asset allocation typically favors equities which may result in high degrees of portfolio volatility; however the asset allocation can vary greatly depending on MCM’s overall view of the markets. Principal risk and fluctuation is expected and acceptable over the intended long-term investment horizon (in excess of five years). 

Moderate Growth and Income Strategy:

The goal is to achieve total return with income using some or all of the following: equities (with the emphasis on dividend paying names), equity and fixed income ETFs, bonds, MLPs, closed-end funds, convertible equity securities and other instruments. Principal risk and price fluctuation is expected and acceptable over the intended long-term investment horizon (in excess of five years).

Balanced Strategy:

The goal is to achieve both current and future income and capital appreciation. The strategy will look to invest about half of the portfolio in fixed income instruments which may include convertible, government, corporate and municipal bonds as well as fixed income ETFs. The remaining portion of the portfolio will be invested in equities (with the emphasis on dividend paying names), closed-end funds, MLPs and equity ETFs. Principal risk and price fluctuation is expected and acceptable over the intended long-term investment horizon (in excess of five years).

Conservative Income Generation Strategy:

The goal is to generate income by investing in cash, government, corporate and municipal bonds with the emphasis primarily on fixed income. Modest principal fluctuation is expected and acceptable, and the allocation is subject to change at the discretion of MCM dependent upon market conditions. Interest rate and balance sheet risk may impact this strategy’s overall performance. Please note that considerable principal risk may result during periods of extreme distress in the fixed income market. 

Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and High Income Strategy:

This strategy seeks to achieve growth and income by investing in some or all of the following: Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), equities, equity and fixed income ETFs, bonds, closed-end funds and other instruments. A significant portion of the portfolio will be invested in Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and other dividend paying stocks. MLPs are limited partnerships that are publicly traded and offer yields that may be higher than those of common stocks. MLPs are subject to regulatory and interest rate risks. This strategy is generally appropriate for investors with a long investment horizon. In addition, please note that since this strategy will result in a portfolio with higher sector concentration in sectors such as MLPs, utilities, REITs, etc. As a result, there may be greater portfolio volatility and a higher degree of assumed risk for the overall portfolio. Please be aware that investors in MLPs will receive K-1s for tax reporting purposes. 

Core Options Strategy:

The goal is to achieve capital appreciation and income while incorporating certain options strategies on a portion of the portfolio. The strategy will utilize some or all of the following: options, equities, equity and fixed income ETFs, MLPs, closed-end funds, cash and other instruments. The two primary options strategies utilized are cash (or treasury) secured put writing and covered call writing using individual equities or ETFs (please note that as a result of the cash secured put writes, the portfolio may have a high balance in cash which is being used to secure the short put positions). Put options (i.e. SPY puts) and/or call options (i.e. VXX calls) may be purchased for hedging purposes. Other options strategies such as spreads, collars and buying/selling of call or put options may also be utilized when appropriate opportunities exist. Unhedged equities and fixed-income securities will typically also be integrated into the portfolio. Please understand the risks associated with options and that they may not be appropriate for all investors before choosing this strategy. Principal risk and fluctuation are expected and acceptable over the intended long-term investment horizon (in excess of five years). Please see additional disclosure regarding the objective and corresponding risk/reward of implementing an options strategy in the corresponding options disclosure statement provided to each prospect or client who seeks to explore or implement an options strategy. 

S&P 500 Dynamic Hedging Strategy:

The goal is to achieve capital appreciation on U.S. large cap equities while managing risk through options hedging. The strategy will invest only in an S&P 500 ETF (SPY) and overlay call and put options on the SPY position with the objective of reducing volatility and potentially generating incremental income. Call options will typically be written on 0% to 70% of the underling SPY position while put options will typically be purchased to cover 30% to 100% of the underlying SPY position. Please note that this strategy will ONLY invest in SPY (thus, it is ALL equities) and its underlying call/put options. Please understand the risks associated with options and that they may not be appropriate for all investors before choosing this strategy. Principal risk and fluctuation are expected and acceptable over the intended long-term investment horizon (in excess of five years). Please see additional disclosure regarding the objective and corresponding risk/reward of implementing an options strategy in the corresponding options disclosure statement provided to each prospect or client who seeks to explore or implement an options strategy.

Options Strategy for Concentrated Position(s):

This strategy is designed for clients with concentrated equity position(s) who do not wish to immediately sell the concentrated position(s) and/or who are looking to sell over a given period of time. Clients can choose either a covered call strategy or an equity collar strategy to overlay on the concentrated position(s). Covered call writing is an options strategy where call options are written on a stock in an attempt to generate additional income. An equity collar strategy utilizes both the writing of call options and the buying of protective put options allowing for potential income generation while having some degree of downside protection on the stock. For call options written on a stock, please note that the stock’s potential gains are capped (limited) by the strike price of the call option(s). If you want the call options to be canceled, there could be losses on the option trade, thus resulting in a loss (offset) to the gain from the stock and a loss of potentially greater than the premium that was received for selling the call options. Please note that call options may not be written on the full stock position at all times. For clients who chose to integrate put options, please note that the portfolio may still experience significant losses depending on the quantity of the puts bought, strike price and expiration dates. Please see additional disclosure regarding the objective and corresponding risk/reward of implementing an options strategy in the corresponding options disclosure statement provided to each prospect or client who seeks to explore or implement an options strategy.


Murphy Capital Management offers a full suite of objective wealth management solutions, custom-tailored for high net worth individuals, businesses, corporations and not-for-profit organizations. Our unbiased, synergistic approach to investment management consists of:

  • Asset Allocation Parameters
  • Risk Optimization
  • Growth Variables
  • Income Generation
  • Hedging Strategies

Types of portfolios managed:

  • Joint
  • Taxable
  • IRA & Rollovers
  • 401/K Rollovers
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Family Trusts

Founded in 1983, Murphy Capital Management Inc. is registered as an investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

Murphy Capital Management Leadership

John J. Murphy | President of Murphy Capital Management |  johnm@murphycapital.comPrior to founding Murphy Capital Management in 1983, John Murphy was Vice President and Senior Investment Portfolio Officer of Citizens First National Bank of New Jersey, where he was responsible for the investment policy and management of the bank's trust and pension and profit-sharing division. Mr. Murphy joined the bank in 1970, having previously been associated with Bache and Co., a member of the New York Stock Exchange, as a research analyst and block trader in the institutional division. A recipient of a Bache scholarship, John graduated with a BS degree in economics from New York University and attended their Graduate School of Business, majoring in finance.Memberships and Boards:

- Chairman, Morgan Stanley Consulting Group TRAK Funds
- Director, Legg Mason, Allocation Funds and Legg Mason Multiple Trust
- Director, UBS Funds
- Director, UBS Fort Dearborn Fund
- Retired Director, Nicholas Applegate Institutional Funds
- Retired Director, Barclays Bank International Funds, London
- Member, New York Society of Security Analysts

Peter J. Lewis | Senior Managing Director |

Peter joined Murphy Capital Management in 2004. Prior to Murphy Capital Management, Peter was a Partner at LCM & Co., a boutique investment advisory firm. There he was responsible for the management of day-to-day operations and provided specialized portfolio management strategies to their high-net-worth clientele. Other professional experience includes Pugs Capital, A long/short NYC based hedge fun where he co-managed the firm's flagship growth fund and Goldman Sachs & Co. where he was a "Team Leader" and served on various committees and firm-wide Global Initiatives. Peter holds a BA degree in Political Science from Caldwell University and an MA degree in International Affairs from Drew University.

Joe W. Kwok |  Senior Managing Director |

Joe joined Murphy Capital Management in 2010 as a Portfolio Manager after working nine years in investment banking. Prior to joining Murphy Capital Management, Joe was a Vice President in investment banking for Putnam Lovell NBF Securities and its successor firm Jefferies & Co. where he advised corporate clients on mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and other corporate finance activities. Previous to investment banking, he worked on the formation of First American International Bank. Joe holds a BS degree in Biological Sciences and a minor in Economics from Stanford University and an MA in Economics from New York University.

Cameron S. Murphy | Senior Managing Director |

Cameron joined Murphy Capital Management in 2012. He began his career at Chilton Investment Co., a hedge fun based in Stamford, CT. During his nine-year career with Chilton, Cameron traded for the firm's flagship fund, oversaw their European trading desk and helped launch their Asian trading efforts. After Chilton, he joined Dahlman Rose as a Director within sales and trading. Post Dahlman, Cameron worked with DNB Markets, Inc. in their research sales and trading department. Cameron holds a BA in Economics from St. Lawrence University and was a recipient of the Laurentian academic scholarship.

Thomas W. Myers, CFP® |  Managing Director, Wealth Advisor |

Tom joined Murphy Capital Management in 2017 with over 25 years' experience at industry leading firms TD Ameritrade, Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch and USAA working in a variety of advice and planning, management and training roles. Prior to his financial services career, Tom served in the US Army as a Military Intelligence Officer with the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, NC. He holds a BA degree in Government from The College of William & Mary, and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificant.

* Please Note : Murphy Capital Management, Inc. does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. Murphy Capital Management, Inc. does not prepare estate planning documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products.


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