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Living Our Principles

Living Our Principles

No matter where you are in your financial life, you deserve not just a great experience when you’re working with your bank, you deserve an exceptional experience. It’s a little something we like to call “The Peapack-Gladstone Bank Experience.” True story.

The Client Experience With Peapack-Gladstone Bank. Listen to our podcast here.


A longstanding and loyal personal and business client of the Bank needed help addressing an opportunity to acquire a desirable commercial property out of state. They met with members of our private wealth management and commercial private banking teams to streamline acquisition and financing alternatives. Time was of the essence. With the rapid turnaround of the out-of-state transaction, the Bank’s local branch kept an eye out for incoming wire transfers for the necessary settlement and loan payoff funds, helping the client through numerous frantic phone calls and even staying late to process wires from those funds. A truly heroic effort handled with uncompromising ethics, integrity and professionalism. The acquisition transaction and “flip” transaction were completed, and the funds were processed leaving our client very happy. True story.

Clients First

When a medical client needed help with the complicated task of financing a proton therapy center – the first of its kind in the region and only the twelfth in the country - we stepped in with sound financial solutions that enabled the group to successfully treat their first patient four months ahead of plan and well within budget, without the need to tap into any contingency funds. True story.

Compete to Win

Large scale production rehearsal space is hard to find and can be even harder to finance so when a high profile entertainment organization asked for suggestions on how to finance space to accommodate drums, instruments, gadgets and all kinds of huge props needed to create their performances, we jumped at the chance. We evaluated the specifics of the situation, which were clearly unique, and were able to provide financing options that no other bank would or could. When the others said “no.” We said, “we’ll find a solution.” True story.

Invested in Our Community

In 2014 Peapack-Gladstone Bank supported more than 200 organizations within and surrounding its communities. Our employees dedicated hundreds of hours of community service to area non-profits and the bank provided over $360,000 in charitable donations. We strive to surpass these efforts each year, dedicating more hours of volunteer time and continuing to provide much needed funds to groups and organizations that are in need. True story.

One Team

Recently a fairly new Commercial Private Banker, who specializes in C&I lending, met a prospect that had grown extremely dissatisfied with the experience they’d been having with their bank and was looking for a new partnership. PGB to the rescue! Our Commercial Private Banker gathered a team of experts from commercial banking, consumer lending, credit underwriting, enterprise risk management, loan operations, treasury management, private wealth management, and even the president and CEO of the Bank, to work out multiple structures and develop a customized solution that was tailored specifically to this business.

When we heard the decision made was to give the business to another bank, we intuitively knew we had to prevent them from making a huge financial mistake. One of our core principles is delivering unbiased financial solutions to our clients with their best interests in mind. By reminding the business about the creativity, cost savings and the dedicated private banking team that Peapack-Gladstone Bank could provide, we were able to help them realized the best solution was the PGB solution. True story.

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