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Living Our Principles

Living Our Principles

No matter where you are in your financial life, you deserve not just a great experience when you’re working with your bank, you deserve an exceptional experience. We like to call it “The Peapack-Gladstone Bank Experience.” 


A recent letter sent to a Peapack-Gladstone Bank Mortgage Consultant...

Thank you for all your assistance with our recent closing. As you know, this was a challenging transaction, not only because the property was coming out of foreclosure, but because we received so little cooperation from the seller. Nevertheless, you and everyone at PGB displayed tremendous professionalism, expertise and patience. We are extremely grateful.
I have the opportunity to deal with many financial institutions, both professionally and personally, but I can say without hesitation that the degree of personal attention we received from the entire team at PGB has never been surpassed. There was not a single time when you or your team did not respond promptly to an email or phone call, no matter the time of day (or night).
I know from my conversations with other Bank employees that PGB places a high value on the level of service you deliver to your clients. Even so, you managed to exceed every expectation. Again, thank you for your hard work, diligence and consideration.

Every employee has the power to enhance or diminish the Bank’s reputation; we expect each of us to act with the utmost professionalism. We live by uncompromising ethics and integrity. We take policies and procedures seriously; we do not cut corners. We expect excellence of ourselves and each other; we know our stuff. We demonstrate a positive, can do attitude.

Clients First

Peapack-Gladstone Bank has been helping a particular family to manage to their estate for several years. Recently, the talent of our Private Banker's came to bear with significant consequences. Our clients, a husband and wife, retired in 2015. Along with their mother and immediate family, they moved to south Florida. Recently, they prepared to close on a home. Based on some misleading information from one of their accountants, they prepared for a cash purchase. As was necessary, they contacted their Peapack-Gladstone Bank Private Banker and his team, advised them as to their financial needs, secured the date and looked forward to closing, which they were assured by their accountant, would be a seamless process.

The PGB Private Banker managing the clients estate thought to forward an article to the client regarding IRAs and tax ramifications that stood in direct opposition to the advice the client had received from their accountant. Our client immediately called the accountant to clarify the information PGB had provided. It turns out, the accountant had completely misunderstood our clients intentions and therefore provided what would have been catastrophic tax consequences if their request had been carried out. If not for the objection of our Private Banker to the advice the client had received from their accountant, they would have suffered significant asset loss to an unnecessary and misguided asset allocation. We always put our clients needs first.

Compete to Win

Peapack-Gladstone Bank was presented the Small Business Administration (SBA) New Jersey District Office’s "#1 Breakthrough Lender of the Year" award in 2016. “We believe that small businesses are the engine that drives the U.S. economy, and our goal is to assist start-up small business owners in securing the funding needed to build and expand their companies,” said Andrew Glatz, Senior Managing Director and Head of Peapack-Gladstone Bank’s SBA Lending Division. The Bank was recognized for its accomplishment at the U.S. SBA Annual Lender Awards Ceremony held on January 26, 2017.

“We became a client of Peapack-Gladstone Bank in 2016, with a SBA real estate loan,” stated Paul Nix, Ph.D., President and CEO of Princeton Separations, Inc. A biotech manufacturing company since 1984, Princeton Separations is now a major world-class provider of biomolecular separation systems used in DNA sequencing for molecular biologists in hospitals, forensics and research labs throughout the world. Dr. Nix said, “As a new client, I was impressed with the Bank’s business etiquette. They have been great partners, and we are very happy about our decision.”

In August 2016, the Bank earned SBA Preferred Lender status enabling it to provide streamlined financial assistance and expedited loan processing for its small business clients. The quick turnaround time enables Peapack-Gladstone Bank to provide funds rapidly, helping vibrant small business communities grow and prosper. 

Peapack-Gladstone Bank is one of only a small number of New Jersey Banks with the Preferred Lender Program (PLP) designation. We know our markets, and what it takes to win in those markets. We compete to win, growing our business one relationship at a time. 

Invested in Our Community

In 2016 Peapack-Gladstone Bank supported more than 250 organizations within and surrounding its communities. Our employees dedicated over 1,200 hours of community service to area non-profits and the bank provided over $250,000 in charitable donations. We strive to surpass these efforts each year, dedicating more hours of volunteer time and continuing to provide much needed funds to groups and organizations that are in need. 

The Bank expanded its assessment area in 2016, which now includes all of Somerset, Hunterdon, Morris, Union, Essex, and Hudson counties, along with portions of Middlesex county. Our community support efforts have followed suit and we are very proud to be expanding our reach into new communities where we can truly make a difference.

One Team

A client in our Gladstone branch called the Client Contact Center in March frustrated that he was unable to access transaction detail on PGB NetAccess, our online banking platform. He needed to complete his 2016 tax returns. At that time, PGB NetAccess was configured to provide only 12 months of transaction history, so January and February 2016 data was unavailable. Our Client Contact Center representative reached out to our Information Technology team to determine the alternatives available to resolve this client’s issue.

The IT staff jumped right in, recognizing this is an issue that impacts all of our clients. The retention period for transaction detail within online banking was immediately extended to 18 months, completely eliminating the issue going forward for all of our clients. 

Great news but we still needed to correct the immediate concern for our unhappy client, so our Deposit Operations team jumped in to create and reconcile a custom report that would enable this specific client to gain access to the full details required to complete his tax returns.

The client also expressed concerns that he was previously able to obtain detailed bill pay activity based on unique payee names that he had established; however, the reporting now available is by merchant name only. The Client Service Center and IT once again were able to provide a workaround for our client to allow him to navigate our online bill pay application in order to generate the detail he required. 

At Peapack-Gladstone Bank - as ONE TEAM - we pride ourselves on listening to our clients and implementing solutions that alleviate negative experiences. In this example, as ONE TEAM, we quickly developed solutions to eliminate the transaction retention issue, and we created custom reporting to resolve the immediate issue.

All Banking Should Be Private Banking.