Core Principles

Core Principles

Peapack-Gladstone Bank was founded in 1921 by local businessmen who sought better service and convenience from their bank. Our strategy and culture stay true to our founders' core principles to this day.

With a well-recognized reputation as a high-performing boutique bank that is capable of providing the most sought after solutions, we offer an innovative approach to private banking for clients looking to establish, maintain and expand their legacy.

Peapack Private Wealth Management, widely known as one of the largest New Jersey-based trust companies and wealth management firms, combined with our Commercial and Retail Private Banking divisions and our online platforms, give us the ability to provide our clients with unique and exceptional client experience.

Principle #1: Professionalism
  1. Each of us has the power to enhance or diminish the Bank’s reputation; we expect each of us to act with the utmost professionalism.
  2. We live by uncompromising Ethics and Integrity.
  3. We take policies and procedures seriously; we do not cut corners.
  4. We expect excellence of ourselves and each other; we know our stuff.
  5. We demonstrate a positive, can do attitude.
Principle #2: Clients First
  1. We make it easy for our clients to do business with us through a singular, responsive and accountable relationship.
  2. Our financial solutions are unbiased; we always have the client’s interests in mind.
  3. Our clients trust us implicitly; we build, maintain and manage their financial well-being through multi-generational relationships.
  4. We treat all clients as we would expect to be treated ourselves; we are fair, honest and trustworthy.
  5. We own the delivery of client solutions; we never pass things off or avoid responsibility.
Principle #3: Compete to Win
  1. We know our markets, and what it takes to win in those markets.
  2. We train hard – we are prepared, and we execute against the plans to which we commit.
  3. We never give up – we are relentless; but we remain flexible and nimble.
  4. We grow our business one relationship at a time.
  5. We relish the journey, and celebrate successes.
  6. We are humble; we never take success or our client relationships for granted.
Principle #4: Invested in Our Community
  1. We proactively reinvest in the communities with the greatest needs.
  2. We encourage volunteerism, supporting organizations valued by our employees and clients.
  3. We are generous in our financial support of local organizations.
  4. We partner with local businesses and institutions to help them succeed.
  5. We are proud to be known and recognized – locally and nationally – for our community involvement.
Principle #5: One Team
  1. We are committed to open, honest communication; when we have issues, questions or concerns with each other, we deal with those rapidly and directly.
  2. We have unwavering trust and respect for each other; we presume positive intent.
  3. We are united to consistently deliver excellent service to our clients.
  4. We proactively support each other to meet our shared goals.
  5. We honor our commitments to each other.

All Banking Should Be Private Banking.