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Weekly Economic & Market Recap

February 5, 2016The Weekly

The U.S. dollar cascaded lower this week as traders unwound their dollar long bets. Many traders had built dollar positions expecting future Fed rate hikes that have become less likely due to recent financial market volatility. On Wednesday, the dollar had its worst one-day loss in seven years. Typically, when there are large moves in a benchmark currency, like the dollar, they are usually driven by a significant macro event. The dollar’s plunge follows extreme volatility in the Yen over the last couple of weeks. These currency gyrations are signs of an overall reassessment of central bank policies and generally suggests a continuation of easy monetary policies across the globe. The Fed seems somewhat caught between modestly accelerating wage pressure, hourly earnings have risen more than expected for two consecutive months, and a weak international demand environment. Although volatile, the dollar seems to have lost its momentum and perhaps has stabilized at current level. Some wage growth and a stable dollar are important elements that should lead to a better earnings outlook in the second half of 2016.