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We believe All Banking Should Be Private Banking and I invite you to join in that experience.

Douglas L. Kennedy
President and CEO of Peapack-Gladstone Bank

Weekly Economic & Market Recap

February 12, 2016The Weekly

Market signals have expressed caution since the start of 2016. World equity markets, currencies, credit spreads and the shape of the yield curve have all indicated a deteriorating environment. Ignoring these signals can be perilous, but the market also sometimes gives false signals as well. It is prudent to be more cautious in the face of adverse market signals that are being validated by negative interest rates in Europe and Japan. Evaluating and interpreting recent market action is especially difficult right now. Although there are clear areas of weakness with the manufacturing sector showing signs of contraction, the overall U.S. economy does not seem ready to slip into recession. The U.S. economy generated 2.7 million jobs in 2015 and has averaged 230,000 jobs over the last three months. Labor market conditions continue to improve, and with the recent acceleration of hourly earnings, retail spending should remain solid. If consumer confidence can survive the recent financial market turmoil, retail spending at 3.4% (January) should allow the U.S. economy to continue to grow at a moderate pace and an earnings recovery in the second half of 2016.