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Growing Your NJ Small Business

As a proud small-business owner, you’ve established your company, taken the time to build your finances and discovered what has worked and what has not.

Now, you are ready to move onto the next phase of small business ownership: business expansion and growing your profitability. As a leading small business lender in New Jersey, Peapack-Gladstone Bank can offer helpful advice on creating a business case and ironing out the details of your business growth strategy.

While you undoubtedly learned a lot when starting your business, growing and funding an existing business requires a different strategy than financing a startup. These simple but essential steps can help you grow your small business and set you up for success.

Expanding your NJ small business

There are several ways to grow a business. You may be looking to launch a new product or service, expand to a new location, merge or acquire a business, ramp up production, franchise, hire new employees, streamline your processes, license your products or expand into new markets.

You can also grow your small business through marketing strategies. Aligning yourself with a similar business, expanding marketing efforts, building your online presence, targeting new markets, and winning marketing contracts can all be helpful in increasing your business presence. Your next big move could involve several of these expansion strategies. With multiple business growth strategies in play, you’ll want to ensure your business can withstand expansion and achieve success.

Seek business advice and do your research

Before you embark on your business growth strategy, you may want to seek advice from a trusted business counselor and/or a Peapack-Gladstone Bank commercial lender. The Small Business Administration offers several free resources to small business owners in New Jersey.

With the help of a commercial lender from Peapack-Gladstone Bank, you can discover growth strategies that suit the vision for your growing business and get insight into how to present your business case when seeking funding. With branches throughout New Jersey, Peapack-Gladstone Bank’s business bankers offer you both a peace of mind and the expertise of one team, dedicated to providing solid guidance and advice.

Having worked with a multitude of New Jersey business owners, Peapack-Gladstone Bank can provide a realistic outlook of the local economy and recommend next steps, along with an understanding of tools to help you streamline operations and the types of funding you may qualify for.

Before moving your business forward, take time to assess the past and current business climate. Timing is everything in business, so if you’re planning to launch a new product line or service or expand into new markets, do your research to ensure there’s sufficient demand before investing valuable resources.

Update your business plan

Return to your original business plan and update it to project future growth. If you’re looking to scale your small business, hire more staff or streamline your processes, iron out your current model to be sure you can grow steadily without sacrificing quality or your core business. Once you’ve worked out the details, update your business plan and to outline your expansion.

Update or develop a marketing plan

Once you’ve determined your business expansion plan, consider updating or developing a formal marketing strategy. Growing your business will involve new internal and external audiences as well as stakeholders. Outlining how you’ll communicate with these new audiences, both online and offline, is necessary when change is imminent.

Investing time and money in developing a scheduled marketing plan, with a dedicated budget, is essential. Focus your marketing efforts on the tactics that deliver the highest return on investment and align best with your brand image. You can also run this by your banker for objective feedback.

Seek financing to expand your New Jersey business

When you are ready to grow your business and have developed and reviewed your business and marketing plans, a Peapack-Gladstone Bank commercial lender can help you understand your financing options.

Depending on your goals for small-business expansion, you can consider applying for a variety of funding options, including short-term or long-term business loans, wealth management and other small business lending options.

Trust Peapack-Gladstone Bank to help you find the proper financial solutions and resources to grow your business. With a team of expert commercial lenders and years of experience, Peapack-Gladstone Bank is the smart choice to help your business grow and thrive in New Jersey and beyond. Learn more about our Small Business Loan Program and other business financing resources.

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