One Team

Career Development Planning

The Bank supports the career development of all employees. We encourage individuals to consider their interests, strengths, and career goals to create a career development plan. Together with their leader, employees can identify growth opportunities and agree upon actions which provide experiential learning, exposure to other job functions and demonstrate leadership capabilities.


For ten weeks each summer, the Bank welcomes aspiring young professionals who participate in our exceptional internship program. As one of American Bankers Best Banks to work for we provide the opportunity for interns to experience the bank's culture, and participate in events that offer a well rounded look into banking careers. Through their assignments, mentorships, and exposure to senior leaders, interns learn about the largest facets of our business, Wealth Management, Commercial Banking, Retail, and Operations. During the program interns gain practical experience within their role, make lasting professional connections across the organization, and feel prepared to enter the workforce.

Summer Interns group photo

Leadership Development

We are committed to developing the next generation of leaders who can help drive the organization to even greater success. Our Leadership Development Programs, entitled Leading the Way at Peapack and Leadership Excellence Acceleration Program (LEAP) are designed to build on your natural leadership abilities and to go beyond that to ‘being inspired and being inspiring’. With a blended learning approach Multiple leadership concepts are introduced over the course of the program will focus on defining leadership in terms of competencies and behaviors that every individual can learn and develop with dedication and practice.


Our mentorship program is designed to enable mentees with the ability to foster relationships with senior leaders and to deepen their understanding of the behaviors and knowledge needed to positively influence and grow their careers. It provides an opportunity for mentors to share their experiences, skills, wisdom, and for the mentees to learn from these interactions.